Software Development

Dedicated and customized software development

Cronus e Business uses extensive software platforms that allow the design and development of customized applications for almost any field, applications realized with minimum costs.

The customized approach results in the development of a custom software solution, for the client, perfectly tailored on the processes defined by this one, in which every detail is established by Cronus specialists in order to optimize perfectly the application environment in favor of the client.

The applications created allow the user to perform simply the analyses and reports, whether the user is operating on a desktop or uses a mobile device.

New applications may be fully developped from ground-zero or the already existent applications under usage may be updated and improved, so that the client should not lose the value of the investment in the technology acquired before. Following the transfer of some old applications into new web or mobile technologies, it simplifies the user experience and at the same time it increases the speed of interaction with customized modules;

Integrate new or upgraded applications into existing environments so you don't lose the value of previous technology investments. Simplify and speed up applications development with reusable components, automated code generation, and an easy-to-use visual development environment.

At Cronus we reate applications that empower users with easy-to-use analysis and reporting services, whether they work from desktop web browsers or handheld devices.

The Customer may appreciate benefits from the advantage of the multiple sources of data and platforms to maximize programming environment potential in the application requested.

Types of applications to develop:

  • CRM/ERP systems;
  • Software solutions for Call Center/Helpdesk; 
  • Electronic commerce and on-line payments;
  • Software for IoT type follow-up solutions;
  • Content management and web platforms.


In any of these application project type, the client will benefit from the innovations of the most recent design, coding and working methods of technology, and also from consolidated coding-compiling-testing method, one single team being the one to run carefully and to ensure the result is fully compliant with the Beneficiary's requirements.

An application 100% responsive to your specific business flow results from this process, but also takes into consideration the statmenets for  Quality criteria, Reliability and Efficiency in operation, as requested.