Software Mapping

Businesses do need powerfull software tools for a healthy workflow environment.

This expansive business environment imposes any organization to structure its processes with the help of software tools, whether it is about intra and inter-departmental processes or external interactions with collaborators, suppliers, customers.

In this context, Cronus can adapt to client-defined requirements various software applications generally applicable to target industries or customized on a particular economic ground.



Major classes of applications structuring the operational flow into a client company are available:

  • Information security – Firewall, user, mail management, Access management, IT infrastructure up-time monitoring
  • ERP Enterprise Resource Planning. Complex management solutions of business resources and processes comprising the entire field of internal activities – accounting, logistics, development, supply, sales
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management. Software solutions that standardize client interactions from forecasts and sales to technical and commercial support, warranty service scheduling, post-warranty, regular maintenance.