At Cronus we deeply believe that our customer is our partner.

This partnership pattern endorses them to remain competitive on their market segment. Our IT expertise is ready to be assimilated during the infrastructure build-up and maintenance and through regular training of the personnel that coordinates the IT projects on behalf of the customers since we are are equally involved in the projects we approach. We therefore consider to be our ongoing job to help our partners remain competitive at all times.




Our portfolio includes both seminar as well as hands-on trainings organized by certified trainers with significant experience. Their skills are tested and as regards the method of know-how transfer, and presentation of the documentation. Training sessions tailored to the clients’ requests for the detailed deployment of the infrastructure features are being organized regularly based on contractual orders and agreements.

  • Router Switching Architectures  Training
  • IT Security Training
  • Datacenter Architectures Training
  • Wireless Networks Architectures Training
  • Collaboration and Video  Training