Project Management

At Cronus eBusiness we use patented proven method for implementing project management operations following a detailed plan shedulling the process and results control, in conformation with PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology.

The result shall comprise the project documentation, the planning in time, the necessary configurations and the detailed procedures for the entire project. This approach allows a rapid and risk-free development of a project at any scale. Our consultants will assist each customer on its side by providing them with theoretical and practical advice & know-how related to the project development in all its phases.



The complete process is under the control of a Cronus eBusiness project manager who has responsibility for all aspects of the solution. The project manager coordinates the full project lifecycle. The project manager defines the project scope, plans and procedures, ensures clear communication, manages project financials, coordinates with all stakeholders; and monitors that all agreed milestones are met. Using our extensive expertise we will provide the optimum solution for a successful deployment, on time, to specification and within the defined budget.

The project milestones:

  • Initialization: Defining the conditions for implementing the Project - for the development framework: members of the appointed team, format and communication procedure, physical implementation framework, support procedure.
  • Planning: audit of the current situation and premises, defining the requirements, issue of the working documentation, management plan and works staging.
  • Implementation: The Project manager follows the plan approved and manages the deviations from the plan within the limitations of the work constraints (budget, time, resources limitation). The stages covered as well as the deadlines that have to be fulfilled are assessed systematically.
  • Project closing: The parties involved have to go through the commissioning documentation, run the operating tests for the infrastructure put into service and to detail “as-built” the final report and the acceptance procedure, as well as the closing of the procedure to close the financial statements.



The defined project manager ensures by his function one key to successful deployment: one point of contact and one person in charge, relieving the client from the complexity and associated costs of managing multiple partners and providers.
The end result will be a consistent solution that will support the business our customers are proposing in their respective markets.