Our consultants, with long established practice both in exploring the latest technologies and also integrating them into the business environment, offer our clients the solutions most suited to their needs, considering the demanding requirements.



Cronus offers a wide portfolio of the consultancy services:

  • Consultancy related to network architecture: from workstations to servers, from network performance to its security, from traffic optimization generated by applications to message, phone and videoconference over IP services – all of them using the adequate equipment, tested previously, and the best practical methods.
  • Consultancy related to IT challenges in business: When your business needs intensive technology or develops new business lines that incorporate massive IT technology, you need the Cronus expertise in order to choose the adequate technology. Cronus pre-tests the technology offer on the market for the solution categories you need, and will bring you value for you to invest in the two constraints that limit it: budget set and time allocated for implementation.
  • Consultancy for IT infrastructure projects: From the defining phase of the project theme, audit and tender book to the methodology for selecting suppliers, integration of specifications and functionalities of the investment packages, project management, procedure for scrapping the technology replaced.
  • Our consultants are well-trained certified specialists, with wide experience in the fields they develop their activity. They link business strategies and technology requirements, while our clients shall assimilate new challenges such as using IT services for revenue growth, delivering results, improving productivity and transparency of business processes.


Our consultants are trained, certified and experienced specialists in their areas of expertise. They bridge the gap between business strategy and technology requirements as our clients face new challenges such as using IT to grow revenue, deliver results, enable improved productivity and add transparency to their business processes.