The audit of the IT infrastructure  is necessary to any organization in the few key moments that characterize its economic activity:

  • Business restructuring
  • Absorption of another entity that has its own operating infrastructure
  • Rapid development of their own infrastructure in order to face competition challenges or market opportunities
  • Technological update imposed by the fact that some technologies get into exploitation at the end of their own lifecycle
  • Critical threatening related to Security challenges occurred within the IT environment

At any such moment, call Cronus for an objective resolution related to the assessment of the current state of the systems and the state designed by the operational work plan, depending on the company needs and expectations of the parties involved (Client’s employees, customers, collaborators, business partners) who create the business flow within the company.



Depending on the situation, the Audit may refer to the whole subset of components in the infrastructure: hardware, software, communication nodes and connections to the ISP suppliers, Security, proprietary applications, servers and cloud accounts.

The result of this service rendered is an objective documentation that measures the conformity related to the parameters established when contracting the audit – resulting from the Beneficiary’s goals.

The audit covers three stages:

  • 1. Documentation (collecting from the company all the data and computed processes related to the audited infrastructure);
  • 2. Evaluation (objective measurement of reactions or system compliance to predefined parameters)
  • 3. Reporting (drawing up the spotted documentation that highlights the system's ups and downs in the current configuration, the possible weaknesses that can bug the system, recommendations for improving and strengthening the architecture in use)