Cronus has a short list of clear goals in developing technical maintenance to the client's IT Infrastructure:

  • Restoration of a 100% operational infrastructure within the shortest contractual time
  • Ensure the regular maintenance and upgrade plan indicated by the technology vendors
  • Ensure 100% the availability for support services upon demand, allocation of on-site or remote experts, monitoring of critical equipment up-time and one-time replacements of the default or operation error equipement.

The planned maintenance interventions can take place both during or outside the business working hours, based on agreed cost conditions. Thus, the down-time of the infrastructure on the client's side does not represent an impediment to the activity of the customer.

During the entire warranty or additional support services, the Cronus eBusiness expert team provides maintenance and restoration of equipment in service and tests it according to the manufacturer’s technical specifications. Thus, anytime an error occurs, the equipment will be restored to operate under optimal conditions through remote diagnostics and troubleshooting where possible and through on-site replacement of non-functioning hardware when required.. If the situation demands, the hardware component that does not function and triggers the respective operation error will be replaced.



Besides the regular maintenance plan established according to the maintenance agreement, Cronus operates successfully the maintenance imposed by the interventions requested punctually by the client.

Depending on the configuration of the custommer's allocated support budget and the ranking of the equipment under the maintenance procedure in the network, the client can have an option on SLA support level:  various impact and timing levels of this service that would demand either replacement on the spot of the entire equipment, intervention in short time on the sub-set to be replaced, but there is also the option for regular delivery and intervention.

Cronus has the necessary logistic base to approach each support pattern and, based on an standardized ticketing system and reference to a contractually agreed SLA, the company responds to all requests coming from the beneficiary technical staff authorized the contract to open the maintenance tickets.

Our engineers have wide experience in maintaining all types of equipment supplied by the main technology vendors, starting with the workstations, network servers and datacenter equipment, software solutions and data traffic monitoring equipment, or network Security devices or software.

All maintenance service levels are available in order to allow the customer to select the most appropriate solution regardless of their size and geographical coverage.