Equipment Sales

A key element in the design of an infrastructure is the delivery /acquisition and installation of the necessary equipment for the construction of the designed architecture, either hardware equipment or software solutions. The more complex they are, these ones are also conditional on the delivery modalities and delivery terms, update services, replacement services or technical support during the guarantee period or over the entire operating cycle.

Cronus is your partner ready to transfer all the commercial experience necessary to provide the systems under fully compliant conditions to your operational and business profile, and also the entire set of further services required for the good exploitation of the acquired infrastructure.



The correct selection of the products involves working together on your project involving thenecessary experts in the selected technologies approached and this can you bring multiple benefits. Through its strategic partnerships concluded with worldwide technology vendors, Cronus eBusiness is able to give you access to the entire range of IT equipment as to fully comply with the goals and IT architecture profile requested through tender book.