Deployment Services

The installation services offered by Cronus eBusiness can be delivered both at the local level and at the national level- we are supporting organizations needing a consistent and cost effective deployment of IT and telecom equipment in multiple locations spread at the national level.

We take on both on-site requests, hardware or software configuration plans and remote management of integrated systems. Our professionals, specialized in services for LAN, MAN and WAN networks, offer to our clients a complete package of services for a faithful commissioning of the IT architecture and its maintenance under a complete end-to-end solution.


The installation process supposes the following steps:

  • Configuration of the equipment and preparation of the corresponding documentation;
  • Testing the solution under various input parameters formats; Log of errors and correction of the operating flow.
  • Inspection and preparation of the premises within or outside the quarters;
  • Cabling and preparation of the premises; Expertise both in wired networks and in wireless networks.
  • Putting the equipment in position; Checking the entire set of operating parameters of the work environment according to the technical sheets.
  • The actual installation and commissioning of the solution. Follow-up of its integration into the operating flow of the IT infrastructure to the client.