IP Communications Solution

Solution Description

Converged voice & data communication - based on IP - continues to replace traditional model with separate telephony and data networks.
Many companies and large enterprises today choose to implement IP Communications Solutions because it improves communications, enhances network effectiveness and helps to respond more competently to future business challenges.
IP Communications translates to a converged voice and data network with a wealth of applications to come such as instant messaging, distance learning, teleconferencing or videoconference with real time collaboration.

IP Communication Advantages

  • Single infrastructure for data, voice and video traffic;
  • Utilize already existing active devices (switches, routers);
  • Utilize existing IT technologies (directories, databases, management systems etc);
  • Easy to install, set up and manage;
  • Reduce oparating costs by handling customer contacts more efficiently, providing detalied reports for all calls and reduce the number of devices you need to purchase, deploy, maintain and manage;
  • Better scalability and fiability;
  • Integration with specific application;
  • Lower upgrade costs;
  • Increase of internal staff productivity.


An IP Communication Solution offers your business a quick Renturn on Investement if you take into account following aspects:

  • Lower TCO
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Speed access to applications
  • Increase Network Availability