Integrated Network Management

INM is a modular product which can be easily adapted in order to meet any company needs no mater the size and the technical characteristics of its communication network. As a modular product it consists of the following components:

Modulele principale sunt:

  • Network monitoring - A real time network monitoring system
  • Fault Management - A proactive incident management system used for detection, diagnosis and escalation of the network events
  • Performance Management - A network performance management module including SLA reporting, capacity planning and recommendations for quality improvements.
  • Configuration Management - A centralized system for centralized equipment configurations, versioning and automatic deployment
  • Hardware Management - The equipment management including logistics, warehousing, transport and installation services
  • Dedicated on-site - On-site availability of the Cronus eBusiness various specialists
  • Expert Access - Remote access to experts with the highest competence for complex diagnosis and design of specific customer business requirements.


Which are the INM benefits?

  • Enhanced network visibility
  • A better control over the service providers.
  • Increased flexibility and enhanced productivity.
  • A better cost control.