Server Hosting & BC

In a today's competitive environment the ability to continue business even during disasters has become a vital criterion for enterprises. Organisations need to possess a sound business continuity strategy that helps them recover quickly and minimise disruption to stay off an otherwise financial catastrophe.

Cronus eBusiness has built up credible experience in developing business continuity and recovery plans. In the event of crisis or disasters, you can be assured of the reliability of our comprehensive suite of business continuity solutions.


Storage Services: Cronus eBusiness offers additional data storage for those looking for advanced storage technologies, extra storage capacity, or storage as part of a disaster recovery plan.

Backup and Recovery Services: Cronus eBusiness offers a wide array of backup and recovery services to protect your data from system crashes, natural or man-made disasters, erroneous deletions, or any other unplanned events that could damage your data infrastructure that could threaten or even cripple your business operations.

High Availability Services: For those environments that require maximum levels of online availability, such as multimedia, frequent/large file downloads, and high traffic volumes, Cronus eBusiness offers high availability services which add another layer of reliability and availability to your environment.

Monitoring Services: Cronus eBusiness commits to the success of your online presence, and includes real-time, comprehensive monitoring services to proactively keep your business running, even before problems can begin.