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Company history:

Having an experience of more than 20 years on the IT services market in Romania, Cronus eBusiness is considered today among the main system integrators delivering the best quality solutions on the Romanian market. Cronus builds its own solutions portfolio based on state-of-the-art hardware and software products from long established international vendors, that add value to any company’s IT infrastructure.
Starting with year 2009, Cronus eBusiness became CISCO GOLD Certified Partner, and since then it has built partnerships every year, at the same level of recognition and representation with very well-know companies from abroad - Hewlett Packard Enterprise, FortiNet, SolarWinds, Zoom Inc, etc.



Company profile

Cronus eBusiness is a mature, dynamic, experienced certified Company at the disposal of its clients and partners. We appreciate and respect the commitments we assume, we are responsive and flexible to face the challenge of the continuous changing business environment. Our philosophy of adding value to the business of our clients and partners is at all times found in the customized solutions delivered by a team of IT & C professionals, oriented to the clients’ needs, prepared to solve any impediment that would hinder any optimal solution of the clients’ problems, or to deliver services constantly at the same high quality level expected on the market.

Starting from 100% Romanian capital, the co-founders of Cronus eBusiness set themselves to build a team of professionals acting as local IT&C integrator, particularly focused and centered on the needs in the field of any company acting on the Romanian market. The Collaboration, Performance and Passion in and for what we document and propose to our clients are the values that lay the foundation of our approach to the projects entrusted to us. Cronus helps its clients in the streamlining, technology and development process of their business, the IT&C solutions have been the key to success in the new economy, whatever the field of activity of our clients.

Cronus eBusiness offers a full package of IT&C services structured on two large categories: hardware-software Integration Services and Managed Services.